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 Award winning Iuxury Dairy Ice Cream and Chocolates

Tablet Ice Cream Cake Mint Ice Cream Cake

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake Raspberry Ripple & Meringue

Popular choices for Ice Cream Cakes:

  1. STRAWBERRY -Equal parts of Strawberry Ice Cream & Whipped Cream topped with a Strawberry Glaze, can be decorated with with fresh strawberries, sliced and place on top of the cake before serving.
  2. NEAPOLITAN – Layers of Strawberry/Vanilla/Chocolate Ice Cream.
  3. CHOCOLATE & MANGO – Two layers made with Chocolate and Mango Ice Cream.
  4. COCONUT & MANGO - Two layers made with Coconut and Mango Ice Cream.
  5. CHOCOLATE & WHITE MINT - Two layers made with Chocolate and White Mint with Dark chocolate flakes Ice Cream.
  6. TOFFEE APPLE - Two layers made with Green Apple and Caramelly Ice Cream with a swirl of soft caramel sandwiched between the layers..
  7. RASPBERRY RIPPLE & Meringue - Our delicious Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream layered with Meringue and topped with extra Raspberry Sauce.

Or simply choose two of your favourite Ice Creams from the list and we’ll make it into a cake.

Small Cake (6 to 8 portions) £17.00
Large Cake (12 to 15 portions) £25.00

Call to order.